Forms & Fees


  • Individual sessions (50 minutes) – $100.00
  • Intakes (75 minutes) – $150.00
  • Extended sessions are prorated based on the fee for a 50-minute session

Should I Use Insurance?

To use your insurance benefits or not is a personal choice dependent upon many factors. Insurance makes psychotherapy easier to afford. However, the trade-off is that mental health services are only payable for clearly diagnosed conditions. Any diagnosis that a clinician makes will become a permanent part of your medical record. The only way to be absolutely certain that this record will never be used unethically is to pay for services “out of pocket.”

Most insurance companies will cover my services as an out-of-network provider.  When choosing out-of-network services, you will usually be responsible for a larger portion of the total fee. The difference varies greatly, depending upon your policy. I recommend that clients contact their insurance providers to clarify coverage.


If you are a new client, please download the forms below and bring them to your first session.