There is magic inside you…


Everybody dreams. Even when we can’t recall our dreams, they’re still there, processing and integrating. It’s the dreams we can remember, though, that produce the mystery, and sometimes the angst, that stays with us as we wake. 

You may be a prolific dreamer, or someone with a dream that repeats—like a record player needle caught in a groove, or perhaps you’re plagued by nightmares. Like a key to a long-locked door, dreamwork can provide a way to unloose the magic of the psyche.

Where dreams come from is a matter of debate: the brain, the soul, the imagination… But regardless of their origin, dreams can be extraordinarily useful in helping us understand ourselves and our lives. Dreams can shed light on things that bother us or get in our way, and can illuminate dark corners of what motivates us. They can bring messages from deep within us, delivering them to our conscious minds, offering answers and information that can change how we see and experience the world. 

Two Ways to Engage with Your Dreams

Dream Circle

Dream circles allow us to join with others to create intimate spaces where we dive deeply into the wisdom our dreams present and discover ways to bring their magic into waking life.

Starting in April, you can join our dream circle at Moore Than Rocks in Kent. Their monthly calendar will give you up-to-date information on dates and times.


Individual Dreamwork

Working with dreams can provide pathways to deep healing, and a therapist can be a valuable companion and way-shower. Often, information that comes to us in dreams is less than straightforward. Our brains cover things in mystery, giving us puzzles to solve and treasure maps to follow. Walking those paths helps us build the muscle we need to interact with the truth of what we find. Therapy can be an invaluable backdrop to work within, a safe place with a trained expert and a known companion. 

A prolific dreamer myself, I have been trained as a Dream Teacher and have worked with dreams—both in groups and individually—for over thirty years.  I’d welcome working with you, too.

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