I know that sometimes it feels like too much, like there’s no path out of the place you’ve wound up, and that doing what you’ve been doing is the only option.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

What if you could know, really know, that you’re unconditionally worthy? What if you could look at the past in a way that takes responsibility without shame or judgment? What if you could safely occupy your space in the world, in relationships, in your own heart?

It’s possible.

I am . . .

. . . a therapist who has seen how therapy has greatly improved my life and the lives of my loved ones. I have discovered that navigating difficult problems and making challenging transitions are easier when someone who’s familiar with the terrain goes with you.

I have been certified in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (M.A. from Antioch University Seattle), in Dreamwork (Jungian, Active/shamanic Dreaming), and in Energy Psychology (Johrei, Reiki Master Therapist). My undergraduate degree, also from Antioch, is in Liberal Arts with a focus in Spiritual Psychology. I have worked with clients dealing with cancer, chronic illness, childhood emotional/physical/sexual abuse, religious oppression/abuse, childhood alcoholic parents, and other forms of trauma and wounding. I have mentored and coached individuals, assisting with life transitions, spiritual exploration, and relationship healing. Grounded in the science of psychology and the art of metaphysics, I bring a fluid, inclusive perspective and the ability to meet people where they are with openness and respect.

My mission is to help people learn to look at the past in a way that takes responsibility without shame or judgment, to heal the issues that are currently surfacing in their lives, to learn to safely occupy their space in relationships and in the world, and to discover that they are unconditionally worthy of wholeness, peace, and joy.

I am available to see you at 33507 9th Ave S, H-2, Federal Way, WA 98003.

Are You Ready for More Support?

If you have been trying to find your way through systems, rules or emotions that no longer serve you, and you are ready for more support, I would be honored to walk with you.

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